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With BWRT® moving so fast, within the therapy field, there are constant updates and new pieces of information. You will find all the up to date information here.

19th November 2016Terence Watts shares ‘BWRT® is being presented at the World Psychiatric Association International Congress tomorrow…… – it’s spreading ever further and wider!’ Taken from Facebook BWRT Introduction Group

27th October 2016Terence Watts shares ‘The British Brainworking Research Society will be formally launched in January and all those who’ve studied BWRT will be eligible to join… today I wrote the text for the entire website and emailed it to the developer. Exciting times are ahead and it won’t be long before the real index page is displayed instead of the holding page at!’ Taken from Facebook BWRT Introduction Group

16th October 2016Terence Watts states ‘There are two PhD theses being researched in South Africa at the moment; no published papers as yet, but the Lincolnshire NHS Trust and Lincoln University are actively engaged in clinical trials (in which they are gaining outstanding results) and research, heading towards a full audit.’ Taken from Facebook BWRT Introduction Group

5th October 2016– ## A momentous step in the development of BWRT® ## The Institute has been granted permission to form The British Brainworking Research Society – this meets strict Government criteria from Companies House and the Secretary of State – we are absolutely delighted and very excited at this massive step forward. Taken from Facebook Institute of BrainWorking Recursive Therapy®


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